Reviews: ‘a Boy With Fruit’ No. 1

Andrew Graham of

21 May 2014

Score 92/100

“That complexity, however, is something to be admired and the whole wine feels ‘real’ – not a corner cut. A quirky, yet satisfying, drink, I’d like to see even more wildness (and maybe some dried grapes – it would work nicely here), but I can’t fault either the fun or the tastiness.”


Jeremy Pringle of

Score 90 points out of 100

…. that “A postmodern wine? A sense of playfulness at the very least. The fruit feels darker and much more concentrated here. Plush. More Mudgee if you will. Plums, mulberries and blackcurrants. Light and shade though. A herbal thread yet full-bodied. White pepper, leaf, anise, cedar and wilted florals.”


“I’m happy to note this is a very distinctive, enjoyable wine. It wears its eccentricity on its sleeve, and this smells notably unlike the mainstream. Its aroma is deeply fruited and forward, with a sappy edge and a general air of savouriness that underline the fruit and take it into less familiar territory. There’s an interplay of fresh, vibrant fruit, nougat oak and aldehydic cocoa powder that, for me, strikes a good balance. The palate is very supple and establishes this as a wine that drinks well right now. It’s very giving, with a relaxed acid line that allows the mid-palate some expansiveness, perhaps at the expense of some tension and precision. Flavours are, again, an interesting mix of freshness and age, just as successful as on the nose, but with the added attraction of ripe, rather plush tannins through the after palate.”

'a Boy with Fruit' No. 1

‘a Boy with Fruit’ No. 1



Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser

….. ‘a Boy with Fruit’ is “An innovative twist on tradition.


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